One of a set of deep furrows which divide the lobules of the cerebellum. Examples: postcentral, primary and secondary furrows [ MP:0009267 ]

Synonyms: fissurae cerebelli cerebellar fissure

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plural term
set of cerebellar fissures [ FMA:77789 ]

plural term
cerebellar fissures [ BAMS:CBf ]

plural term
cerebellar fissures set [ FMA:77789 ]

plural term
cerebellar sulci [ HBA:9406 ]

latin term
fissurae cerebelli [ FMA:TA FMA:77789 ]

fma set term

has related synonym

cerebellar fissures

set of cerebellar fissures

cerebellar sulcus

cerebellar sulci

cerebellar fissures set

sulcus of cerebellum



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