One of the conchae of the ethmoid bone, which occupy the caudal part of the nasal fossae and form the lateral and superior portions of the turbinate bones in mammals[MP]. The ethmoturbinals are associated with the cribiform plate. They are covered with olfactory epithelium. Primarily, they serve to increase the surface area over which olfactory receptor neurons can come in contact with respiratory air. These olfactory receptor nerves then synapse with the mitral cells of the olfactory lobes through the cribiform plate in the manner described above[Palaeos] [ ]

Synonyms: ethmo-turbinate ethmoturbinal turbinate of ethmoid bone ethmoturbinate nasal turbinate of ethmoid bone

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FMA considers nasal concha and nasal concha of ethmoid bone to be synonymous. We disambiguate these here