Pancreatic bud that gives rise to the major pancreatic duct. [ ]

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  • Pancreatic bud that gives rise to the major pancreatic duct.
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development notes
  • The ventral pancreatic bud becomes the head and uncinate process, and comes from the hepatic diverticulum[WP]
  • the ventral pancreas and liver are derived from a common precursor cell population[PMID:16417468]. TODO - add this relationship.
has exact synonym
  • pancreas primordium ventral bud
  • pancreas ventral primordium duct bud
has related synonym
  • anterior pancreatic anlage
  • ventral pancreas anlage
  • ventral pancreatic anlage
  • anterior pancreatic bud
homology notes
  • In chick, Xenopus laevis, and the teleost fish Medaka, the pancreas develops from three buds that emerge from the gut tube, two from its ventral aspect, and one from its dorsal aspect. In mouse, although there are initially three buds that arise from the gut tube at the point of contact between the endoderm and the vasculature, the pancreas develops from only two of these buds, one dorsal and one ventral. (...) In this study, we use a transgenic zebrafish line (...). We provide evidence for the existence of two distinct pancreatic anlagen - a ventral anterior bud and a dorsal posterior bud - that join to form the definitive pancreas (reference 1); The pancreas develops from the fusion of distinct endoderm-derived dorsal and ventral diverticula. In humans, by day 35 of development, the ventral pancreatic bud begins to migrate backwards and comes into contact and eventually fuses with the dorsal pancreatic bud during the sixth week of development (reference 2).[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0003924