embryonic structure that develops into pancreatic bud. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancreas#Embryological_development ]

Synonyms: pancreatic primordium

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Term information

database cross reference
  • EFO:0002579
  • ZFA:0000254
  • EMAPA:17066
  • EHDAA:2163
  • EFO:0003434
  • XAO:0001101
  • TAO:0000254
  • FMA:79792
  • EHDAA2:0001382

efo_slim, vertebrate_core

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external ontology notes

in EHDAA2 this has dorsal and ventral primordia as parts. the buds are part of the primordium, with the ducts developing from the buds; only parenchyma and ducts have contribution from buds

has related synonym

primordial pancreas
pancreatic endoderm
pancreatic anlage



terminology notes

revisit after standardizing terms 'primordium', 'anlagen', 'bud'