Part of hippocampus proper bounded by the hilus of the dentate gyrus and area CA2, characterized by large pyramidal cells and a dense projection from dentate gyrus granule cell mossy fibers. [ ]

Synonyms: regio III cornus ammonis regio III hippocampi proprii CA3 field CA3 region 3 of Ammon's horn CA3 field of cornu ammonis regio inferior CA3 field of hippocampus hippocampus CA3 CA3 field of Ammon's horn region III of hippocampus proper region III of ammon's horn

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latin term
cornu Ammonis 3 [ NeuroNames:185 ]

latin term
regio III hippocampi proprii [ FMA:TA FMA:74045 ]

latin term
regio III cornus ammonis [ FMA:TA FMA:74045 ]

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field CA3, Ammon's horn (Lorente de Ns)
regio III cornus ammonis
CA3 field of the hippocampus
CA3 field of the Ammon horn
region CA3
field CA3 of hippocampus
regio hippocampi proprii III
cornu Ammonis 3
field CA3