Part of hippocampus proper bounded by areas CA3 and CA1, characterized by a narrow layer of large pyramidal cells, similar in size to CA3 pyramidal cells, but which lack the mossy fiber input from the dentate gyrus (adapted from Paxinos, G. The rat central nervous system, 2nd ed, Academic Press, San Diego, 1995, pg. 460) [ ]

Synonyms: region II of hippocampus proper regio ii cornus ammonis CA2 CA2 field of cornu ammonis hippocampus CA2 region II of ammon's horn CA2 field CA2 field of hippocampus regio ii hippocampi proprii region 2 of Ammon's horn CA2 field of Ammon's horn

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latin term
regio ii hippocampi proprii [ FMA:TA FMA:74044 ]

latin term
cornu Ammonis 2 [ NeuroNames:184 ]

latin term
regio ii cornus ammonis [ FMA:TA FMA:74044 ]

has related synonym

CA2 field of the Ammon horn

field CA2 of hippocampus

field CA2, Ammon's horn (Lorente de Ns)

region CA2

CA2 field of the hippocampus

cornu Ammonis 2

field CA2



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