Part of hippocampus proper bounded by CA2 and the subiculum, characterized by pyramidal neurons that receive projections from pyramidal neurons of CA3 via the Schaffer collaterals. [ BIRNLEX:1197 ]

Synonyms: regio i hippocampi proprii region i of ammon's horn CA1 field of hippocampus regio superior of the hippocampus hippocampus CA1 prosubiculum = distal ca1 cornu ammonis 1 CA1 field of Ammon's horn regio i cornus ammonis regio superior CA1 CA1 field of cornu ammonis region i of hippocampus proper region 1 of Ammon's horn CA1 field

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latin term
CA1 field of the hippocampus [ NeuroNames:183 ]

latin term
regio i hippocampi proprii [ FMA:TA FMA:74042 ]

latin term
regio i cornus ammonis [ FMA:TA FMA:74042 ]

has related synonym

field CA1, Ammon's horn (Lorente de Ns)

CA1 field of the Ammon horn

region CA1

CA1 field of the hippocampus

field CA1

field CA1 of hippocampus