A mucous membrane that lines the mouth. [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 ]

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latin term
tunica mucosa oris [ FMA:59660 FMA:TA ]

curator notes

this is defined as any mucous membrane of the mouth - including palate, lips, uvula, etc. ncit split mouth/oral mucosa into lip and buccal. In future we may split into masticatory/keratinized (gingiva + hard palate) vs lining/non-keratinized (lips, cheeks, floor of mouth, soft palate). FMA distinguishes between mucosa of mouth and region of mouth (the latter including the buccal mucosa)


A mucous membrane that lines the mouth.

external definition

the mucous membrane epithelium of the mouth. It can be divided into three categories: masticatory, lining, and specialized[Wikipedia:Oral_mucosa].

has exact synonym

oral part of viscerocranial mucosa

mouth mucous membrane

mouth mucosa

mucosa of mouth

oral mucous membrane

mucous membrane of mouth

mouth organ mucosa

tunica mucosa oris

has related synonym

buccal mucosa

mucosal lining of mouth

oral mucosa

tunica mucosa oris