Any of the rapidly adapting mechanoreceptors found in subcutaneous tissue beneath both hairy and glabrous skin, and which normally contain an afferent nerve fiber surrounded by a capsule with multiple concentric layers. [ MP:0000988 ]

Synonyms: corpusculum lamellosum lamellar corpuscle corpuscle of golgi-mazzoni Pacinian corpuscle golgi-mazzoni corpuscle

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external ontology notes

FMA treats pacinia and G-M as distinct

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golgi-mazzoni corpuscles

pacinian corpuscles

golgi mazzoni corpuscle


lamellated corpuscle

pacinian corpuscle

vater-pacini corpuscle

pacinian body

pacinian corpuscle end-organs

vater-pacini corpuscles



structure notes

consists of a nerve fiber, an inner core of modified Schwann cells, a subcapsular space and a capsule [ISBN:9780849388118]

taxon notes

may also be present in the mesentery of cats, in pancreas, in lymph nodes [ISBN:9780849388118]

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