A metatarsal bone that distally_connected_to a proximal phalanx of pedal digit 5. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: toe 5 metatarsus metatarsal 5 foot digit 5 metatarsal bone metatarsal V fifth metatarsal bone metatarsal bone of digit V metatarsal bone of foot digit 5 toe 5 metatarsal metatarsal bone digit 5

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Dumb-bell-shaped bone of endochondral origin with cartilaginous epiphyses that articulates with tarsal 5 or the distal head of the tibiale-fibulare proximally and with the proximal phalanx of digit V distally.[AAO]

The fifth metatarsal bone is recognized by a rough eminence, the tuberosity, on the lateral side of its base. The base articulates behind, by a triangular surface cut obliquely in a transverse direction, with the cuboid; and medially, with the fourth metatarsal. On the medial part of its dorsal surface is inserted the tendon of the Peronæus tertius and on the dorsal surface of the tuberosity that of the Peronæus brevis. A strong band of the plantar aponeurosis connects the projecting part of the tuberosity with the lateral process of the tuberosity of the calcaneus. The plantar surface of the base is grooved for the tendon of the Abductor digiti quinti, and gives origin to the Flexor digiti quinti brevis. The base of the metatarsal is often injured and a particularly notorious fracture is the Jones fracture. When the tuberosity is broken, it is called a pseudo-Jones fracture or a dancer's fracture. This is a common fracture of the fifth metatarsal. Stress fractures are common in the fifth metatarsal among athletes[Wikipedia:Fifth_metatarsal_bone].

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hindlimb digit 5 metatarsus