A metatarsal bone that distally_connected_to a proximal phalanx of pedal digit 4. [ ]

Synonyms: metatarsal 4 toe 4 metatarsal metatarsal bone digit 4 toe 4 metatarsus fourth metatarsal bone metatarsal IV metatarsal bone of digit IV metatarsal bone of foot digit 4 foot digit 4 metatarsal bone

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Dumb-bell-shaped bone of endochondral origin with cartilaginous epiphyses that articulates with tarsal 4 or the distal head of the tibiale-fibulare proximally and with the proximal phalanx of digit IV distally.[AAO]

The fourth metatarsal bone is smaller in size than the third; its base presents an oblique quadrilateral surface for articulation with the cuboid; a smooth facet on the medial side, divided by a ridge into an anterior portion for articulation with the third metatarsal, and a posterior portion for articulation with the third cuneiform; on the lateral side a single facet, for articulation with the fifth metatarsal[Wikipedia:Fourth_metatarsal_bone].

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hindlimb digit 4 metatarsus