A metacarpal bone that distally_connected_to a proximal phalanx of manual digit 1. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: first digit of hand metacarpal bone manual digit 1 metacarpus metacarpal of hand digit 1 metacarpal of thumb thumb metacarpal bone first metacarpal bone first digit of hand metacarpal metacarpal bone of first digit of hand metacarpal I metacarpal bone of hand digit 1 thumb metacarpal metacarpal bone of thumb metacarpal bone digit 1 metacarpal 1 metacarpal of first digit of hand hand digit 1 metacarpal bone hand digit 1 metacarpal metacarpal bone of digit I finger 1 metacarpus

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The first metacarpal bone or the metacarpal bone of the thumb is the first bone of the thumb. It is connected to the trapezium of the carpus at the first carpometacarpal joint and to the proximal thumb phalanx at the first metacarpophalangeal joint[Wikipedia:First_metacarpal_bone].

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forelimb digit 1 metacarpus