A roof plate that is part of a diencephalon [Automatically generated definition]. [ ]

Synonyms: interbrain roofplate between brain roof plate diencephalon roofplate roofplate of diencephalon mature diencephalon roofplate roof plate of mature diencephalon roof plate of interbrain roofplate of interbrain roofplate of between brain interbrain roof plate roof plate diencephalon roofplate of mature diencephalon roof plate of between brain between brain roofplate roof plate diencephalic region mature diencephalon roof plate diencephalon roof plate

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Term information

database cross reference
  • EHDAA:1979
  • EHDAA:2657
  • VHOG:0000771
  • TAO:0001358
  • EHDAA:3494
  • EHDAA2:0000402
  • EMAPA:16909
  • ZFA:0001358


external definition

Roof plate that is part of the diencephalon. [Bgee_curator][VHOG]

has related synonym

roofplate medulla diencephalon