A mesenchyme that is part of a amnion. [ OBOL : automatic ]

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  • A mesenchyme that is part of a amnion.
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  • we make the germ layer relationship develops_from, as currently the germ layers are declared to be purely embryonic. TODO - check. WP:Amnion - In the human embryo the earliest stages of the formation of the amnion have not been observed; in the youngest embryo which has been studied the amnion was already present as a closed sac, and appears in the inner cell-mass as a cavity. This cavity is roofed in by a single stratum of flattened, ectodermal cells, the amniotic ectoderm, and its floor consists of the prismatic ectoderm of the embryonic disk-the continuity between the roof and floor being established at the margin of the embryonic disk. Outside the amniotic ectoderm is a thin layer of mesoderm, which is continuous with that of the somatopleure and is connected by the body-stalk with the mesodermal lining of the chorion.
has alternative id
  • UBERON:0003411
has exact synonym
  • amnionic mesoderm
  • amnion mesoderm
  • amnion mesenchyme
  • mesenchyme of amnion
has related synonym
  • amnionic mesenchyme
  • amnionic mesoderm
  • UBERON:0003262
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  • http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/NCBITaxon_9606