one of the two embryological structures that give rise to the kidney (the other is the ureteric bud). The metanephric blastema mostly develops into nephrons, but can also form parts of the collecting duct system.[WP]. Metanephric mesenchyme is the tissue made up of loosely connected mesenchymal cells in the metanephros[GO] [ ]

Synonyms: metanephric blastema metanephrogenic mesenchyme metanephros associated mesenchyme metanephric mesoderm

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Genes: The positional specification of the metanephrogenic mesenchyme is negatively regulated by Foxc1 and Foxc2. Next the permanent kidney forming metanephrogenic mesenchyme is specified by Hox11 genes. The competence to respond to ureteric bud inducers is regulated by WT1. GDNF secretion restricted to posterior region by Robo2 and Sprouty1. The receptors for GDNF are synthesized in the nephric ducts and later in ureteric buds [ISBN:9780878932504 "Developmental Biology"]

external definition

A mass of intermediate mesodermal cells around the distal end of the ureteric bud that gives rise to nephrons in the metanephric kidney. [TFD][VHOG]

homology notes

When the ureteric buds emerge from the nephric duct, they enter the metanephrogenic mesenchyme. The ureteric buds induce this mesenchymal tissue to condense around them and differentiate into the nephrons of the mammalian kidney. As this mesenchyme differentiates, it tells the ureteric bud to branch and grow.[well established][VHOG]