The vessels formed within the second pair of branchial arches in embryogenesis [ ]

Synonyms: AA2 second branchial arch artery hyoid aortic arch second aortic arch 2nd arch artery aortic arch 2

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The second in a series paired arterial connections between the dorsal and ventral aortae. Aortic arch 2 that is part of hyoid arch.[AAO]

The first and second arches disappear early, but the dorsal end of the second gives origin to the stapedial artery, a vessel which atrophies in humans but persists in some mammals. It passes through the ring of the stapes and divides into supraorbital, infraorbital, and mandibular branches which follow the three divisions of the trigeminal nerve. The infraorbital and mandibular arise from a common stem, the terminal part of which anastomoses with the external carotid. On the obliteration of the stapedial artery this anastomosis enlarges and forms the internal maxillary artery, and the branches of the stapedial artery are now branches of this vessel. The common stem of the infraorbital and mandibular branches passes between the two roots of the auriculotemporal nerve and becomes the middle meningeal artery; the original supraorbital branch of the stapedial is represented by the orbital twigs of the middle meningeal[WP][Wikipedia:Aortic_arches#Arches_1_and_2].

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2nd branchial arch artery

2nd pharyngeal arch artery

2nd aortic arch artery