The 6th pharyngeal arch. contributes to the development of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles [ ]

Synonyms: sixth branchial arch visceral arch 6 6th arch gill arch 4

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branchial arch 4 [ ZFA:0001609 AAO:0010368 ]

taxonomic disambiguation
fourth branchial arch

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The forth in a series of paired bars in the wall of the pharynx, within which are formed the forth aortic arch and the cartilage bar of the visceral skeleton, forms and supports the gills.[AAO]

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sixth pharyngeal arch

branchial arch 4

sixth visceral arch

6th pharyngeal arch

6th visceral arch

fourth branchial arch

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A conserved feature of all vertebrate embryos is the presence of a series of bulges on the lateral surface of the head, the pharyngeal arches; it is within these structures that the nerves, muscles and skeletal components of the pharyngeal apparatus are laid down. The pharyngeal arches are separated by endodermal outpocketings, the pharyngeal pouches.[well established][VHOG]