The third branchial arch contributes to the development of the hyoid bone, stylopharyngeus muscle, inferior parathyroid gland, and thymus. [ ]

Synonyms: third pharyngeal arch 3rd pharyngeal arch gill arch 1 third visceral arch visceral arch 3 first gill arch

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database cross reference

pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

taxonomic disambiguation
branchial arch 1 [ ZFA:0001606 AAO:0010365 ]

taxonomic disambiguation
first gill arch [ ZFA:0001606 ]

taxonomic disambiguation
gill arch 1 [ ZFA:0001606 ]

taxonomic disambiguation
first branchial arch [ ZFA:0001606 ]

external definition

The most anterior, or first, pharygeal/branchial arch, composed of the mandibular process, forming the posterior border of the stomodeum, and the maxillary process anterior to the stomodeum, contains the first aortic arch.[AAO]

external ontology notes

in XAO, called branchial arch 1 and df VP3

has related synonym

first branchial arch

3rd arch

branchial arch 1

3rd visceral arch

homology notes

A conserved feature of all vertebrate embryos is the presence of a series of bulges on the lateral surface of the head, the pharyngeal arches; it is within these structures that the nerves, muscles and skeletal components of the pharyngeal apparatus are laid down. The pharyngeal arches are separated by endodermal outpocketings, the pharyngeal pouches.[well established][VHOG]