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database cross reference
  • XAO:0000458
  • ZFA:0000400
  • TAO:0000400
  • VHOG:0000131
  • AAO:0011075


external definition

One of eight distinct lateral lines in the 4-day larva. A sensory system on the surface of the fish, consisting of small sensory patches (neuromasts) distributed in discrete lines over the body surface. The lateral line system is stimulated by local water displacements and vibrations, and detects propulsion of the fish through the water, as well as facilitating shoaling, prey capture, and predator and obstacle avoidance. (See Anatomical Atlas entry for lateral line by T. Whitfield.)[TAO]

has related synonym

supratemporal lateral line

homology notes

The mechanosensory lateral line system is widely distributed in aquatic anamniotes. It was apparently present in the earliest vertebrates, as it has been identified in agnathans, cartilaginous fishes, bony fishes, lungfishes, the crossopterygian Latimeria, and aquatic amphibians.[well established][VHOG]



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