The second pharyngeal arch will form the hyoid apparatus. The cranial neural crest cells that populate the second pharyngeal arch emerge primarily from rhombomere 4 and will form skeletal elements. [ ]

Synonyms: arcus pharyngeus secundus 2nd pharyngeal arch second pharyngeal arch second visceral arch second branchial arch hyoid arch branchial arch 2 visceral arch 2 pharyngeal arch 2

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

taxonomic disambiguation
second visceral arch

taxonomic disambiguation
visceral arch 2

taxonomic disambiguation
second branchial arch

taxonomic disambiguation
branchial arch 2

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The second of the series of bony or cartilaginous arches that develop in the walls of the mouth cavity and pharynx of the embryo.[AAO]

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in XAO, develops from visceral pouch 2

has related synonym

hyoid bars

2nd arch

pharyngeal arches 2

2nd visceral arch

homology notes

A conserved feature of all vertebrate embryos is the presence of a series of bulges on the lateral surface of the head, the pharyngeal arches; it is within these structures that the nerves, muscles and skeletal components of the pharyngeal apparatus are laid down. The pharyngeal arches are separated by endodermal outpocketings, the pharyngeal pouches.[well established][VHOG]