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Proliferative region that is part of the ventricular system. [ ZFA:0001083 ]

Synonyms: VZ brain ventricular zone ventricular zone of brain

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Term information

database cross reference

efo_slim, vertebrate_core

plural term
ventricular zones [ ZFA:0001083 ]

external definition

There are two primary regions that are thought to give rise to neurons that make up the cerebellum. The first region is the ventricular zone (the roof of the fourth ventricle). This area produces Purkinje cells and deep cerebellar nuclear neurons[BTO:0003654].

Proliferative zone in the region of the neural tube adjacent to the lumen.

external ontology notes

in BTO this is restricted to the 4th ventricle - however this class also represents the early ventricular zone as well as its post-natal remnants. The MA class is named 'ventricular zone of brain' and is presumably restricted to the post-natal zone; DHBA class is forebrain; PBA class is neocortex; TAO/ZFA is neocortex

has related synonym

ventricular zones