An epithelial sac of invaginated ectoderm formed from the otic placode that gives rise to the structures of the inner ear[MP] [ MP:0009806 ]

Synonyms: otic vesicle

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Epithelial sac present beside the fifth rhombomere; forms the semicircular canals dorsally and the otolith organs ventrally, and houses the acoustico-vestibular sensory epithelia (maculae) of hair cells. Kimmel et al, 1995. (Also see Anatomical Atlas entry for ear by T. Whitfield.)[TAO]

One of the paired sacs of invaginated ectoderm that develop into the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear. [Biology_online][VHOG]

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MP defines as epithelial sac, but EHDAA defines as multi-tissue; See

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auditory vesicle


acoustic vesicle

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The inner ear develops embryonically in all vertebrates as an invagination of the ectodermal otic placode to form an otic vesicle.[well established][VHOG]