Dorsal portion of the pons, containing cranial nervee nuclei, ascending and descending tracts and reticular nuclei. It is continuous with the reticular formation of the medulla (Carpenter, A Core Text of Neuroanatomy, 3rd ed, 1985, pg 133). [ BIRNLEX:923 ]

Synonyms: dorsal pons tegmental portion of pons dorsal portion of pons tegmentum pontis tegmentum of pons

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latin term
tegmentum pontis [ FMA:71108 FMA:TA ]

latin term
pars dorsalis pontis [ NeuroNames:557 ]

latin term
pars posterior pontis [ NeuroNames:557 ]

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function notes

involved in the initiation of REM sleep [Wikipedia:Pontine_tegmentum]

has related synonym

pars posterior pontis

pars dorsalis pontis

tegmentum pontis