Component of the frontal lobe, lateral aspect. The rostral boundary is the first appearance of the inferior frontal sulcus whereas the caudal boundary is the precentral gyrus. The medial and lateral boundaries are the lateral bank of the inferior frontal sulcus and the medial bank of the lateral orbital sulcus and/or the circular insular sulcus respectively (Christein Fennema-Notestine). [ BIRNLEX:873 ]

Synonyms: inferior frontal convolution

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latin term
regio subfrontalis [ NeuroNames:85 ]

latin term
gyrus frontalis tertius [ NeuroNames:85 ]

latin term
gyrus F3 [ NeuroNames:85 ]

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external ontology notes

ncit has two classes, but these are exact synonyms in FMA

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gyrus F3

gyrus frontalis inferior

gyrus frontalis tertius

regio subfrontalis