One of the median nuclei of the thalamus, situated ventral and medial to the stria medullaris. [ ]

Synonyms: nucleus parataenialis parataenial nucleus paratenial thalamic nucleus

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Term information

latin term
nucleus paratenialis thalami [ NeuroNames:307 ]

latin term
nucleus parataenialis [ FMA:62151 FMA:TA ]

PT [ BIRNLEX:860 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
nucleus parataenialis (Hassler) [ NeuroNames:307 ]

latin term
nuclei parataeniales thalami [ NeuroNames:307 ]

has related synonym

nuclei parataeniales thalami

nucleus paratenialis thalami

nucleus parataenialis (Hassler)

paratenial nucleus of thalamus

nucleus parataenialis thalami

paratenial nucleus of the thalamus