The lateral dorsal nucleus is a nucleus of the thalamus. It acts in concert with the anterior nuclei of thalamus. It receives significant input from several subdivisions of visual cortex, and has a primary output to parietal cortex on the dorsolateral cortical convexity, giving it access to limbic forebrain nuclei important for emotion and behavior functions. [ ]

Synonyms: nucleus dorsalis lateralis thalami laterodorsal nucleus nucleus of thalamus nucleus lateralis dorsalis laterodorsal nucleus, superficial part nucleus lateralis dorsalis thalami laterodorsal nucleus thalamic nucleus lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus dorsal thalamus, lateral group nucleus lateralis thalami dorsalis laterodorsal thalamic nucleus lateral dorsal thalamic nucleus nucleus dorsolateralis thalami nucleus dorsalis superficialis (Hassler) nucleus lateralis dorsalis of thalamus

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Term information

LD [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:838 ]

latin term
nucleus dorsalis lateralis thalami [ FMA:TA FMA:62176 ]

has related synonym

lateral dorsal nucleus of the thalamus

laterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus

lateral group of nuclei, dorsal division