The molecular layer is the outermost layer of the cerebellar cortex. It contains the parallel fibers of the granule cells, interneurons such as stellate and basket cells, and the dendrites of the underlying Purkinje cells [ ]

Synonyms: cerebellum molecular layer stratum moleculare corticis cerebelli cerebellar molecular layer cerebellum molecular cell layer

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latin term
stratum moleculare corticis cerebelli [ FMA:TA FMA:83897 ]

latin term
fasciculi thalami [ NeuroNames:366 ]

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revisit logical definition after using brain layer patterns

has related synonym

thalamic fiber tracts

fasciculi thalami



taxon notes

Compare with ZFA:0000636 - cerebellar crest, which is also composed of parallel fibers but located in a more restricted nucleus within the cerebellum