The inferior surface of the temporal lobe is concave, and is continuous posteriorly with the tentorial surface of the occipital lobe. It is traversed by the inferior temporal sulcus, which extends from near the occipital pole behind, to within a short distance of the temporal pole in front, but is frequently subdivided by bridging gyri. [ ]

Synonyms: second temporal sulcus middle temporal sulcus (szikla) inferior temporal sulcus-1 sulcus t2

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Term information

latin term
sulcus temporalis inferior [ NeuroNames:130 ]

latin term
sulcus temporalis medius (Roberts) [ NeuroNames:130 ]

latin term
sulcus temporalis secundus [ NeuroNames:130 ]

has related synonym

sulcus temporalis medius (Roberts)

middle temporal fissure (Crosby)

sulcus temporalis inferior

sulcus temporalis secundus



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