Three layered structure that is located in the caudal aspect of the amygdala bordering the periamygdaloid cortex laterally. [ BIRNLEX:2700 ]

Synonyms: posterior cortical amygdaloid nucleus posterior cortical nucleus of amygdala

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Term information

latin term
cortex periamygdaloideus [ NeuroNames:240 ]

latin term
nucleus corticalis amygdalae [ NeuroNames:240 ]

has related synonym

cortex periamygdaloideus

nucleus corticalis amygdalae

cortical amygdalar nucleus

nucleus amygdalae corticalis

cortical amygdalar area

posterior cortical nucleus of the amygdala

ventral cortical nucleus

ventral cortical amygdaloid nucleus

cortical amygdala

posterior cortical amygdalar nucleus