Synonyms: basal amygdaloid nucleus, medial part basomedial nucleus (de olmos) basomedial nucleus (accessory basal nucleus) accessory basal nucleus of amygdala

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Term information

latin term
nucleus amygdaloideus basalis, pars medialis [ NeuroNames:249 ]

latin term
nucleus basalis accessorius amygdalae [ NeuroNames:249 ]

latin term
nucleus amygdaloideus basomedialis [ NeuroNames:249 ]

latin term
nucleus amygdalae basalis accessorius [ NeuroNames:249 ]

has related synonym

basomedial nucleus of the amygdala

accessory basal nucleus

basomedial nucleus of amygdala

medial principal nucleus

nucleus amygdaloideus basomedialis

nucleus amygdaloideus basalis, pars medialis

nucleus basalis accessorius amygdalae

nucleus amygdalae basalis accessorius

accessory basal nucleus of the amygdala