One of two subnuclei of the superior olive located within the caudal pontine tegmentum. Appears as a parasagittal row of transversely oriented bipolar neurons in transverse sections of human, with elongated somata in humans and other primates and large caliber dendrites. [ BIRNLEX:1682 ]

Synonyms: main superior olivary nucleus superior olive medial part chief superior olivary nucleus medial superior olive principal superior olivary nucleus chief nucleus of superior olive superior olivary nucleus, medial part

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uberon_slim, defined_by_cytoarchitecture

MSO [ BIRNLEX:1682 ]

latin term
nucleus olivaris superior medialis [ NeuroNames:572 ]

depicted by

has related synonym

superior paraolivary nucleus

superior olivary complex, medial part

superior parolivary nucleus


nucleus laminaris

nucleus olivaris superior medialis