Part of pyramidal tract (corticospinal tract) containing uncrossed fibers and traveling in the ventral funiculus of the spinal cord. [ BIRNLEX:1618 ]

Synonyms: bundle of Turck column of Turck corticospinal tract, uncrossed anterior corticospinal tract anterior tract of turck anterior pyramidal tract

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim

latin term
tractus corticospinalis anterior [ NeuroNames:802 ]

latin term
tractus corticospinalis ventralis [ NeuroNames:802 ]

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has related synonym

bundle of Turck

ventral corticospinal tract

uncrossed corticospinal tract

corticospinal tract, uncrossed

tractus corticospinalis ventralis

medial corticospinal tract

direct corticospinal tract

anterior cerebrospinal fasciculus

anterior corticospinal tract

tractus corticospinalis anterior

anterior corticospinal tract of the medulla



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