dorsal nucleus of medial geniculate body

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Dorsal division of the medial geniculate nucleus, as first defined by Morest (1964) in the cat, but also described in the rat. It fills all but the medial edge of the posterior tip in cat, and joins the lateral thalamic nucleus anteriorly ( [ BIRNLEX:1608 ]

Synonyms: nucleus geniculatus medialis fibrosus (hassler) nucleus geniculatus medialis pars dorsalis nucleus corporis geniculati medialis, pars dorsalis nucleus dorsalis corporis geniculati medialis medial geniculate complex, dorsal part medial geniculate nucleus, dorsal part dorsal nucleus of medial geniculate complex

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Term information

DMG [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1608 ]

MGD [ BIRNLEX:1608 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
nucleus dorsalis corporis geniculati medialis [ FMA:62216 FMA:TA ]

has related synonym

medial geniculate complex dorsal part

dorsal medial geniculate nucleus

medial geniculate nucleus dorsal part

nucleus dorsalis coporis geniculati medialis

dorsal nucleus of the medial geniculate body