Part of medulla comprising a white matter structure containing nerve fibers of the pyramidal tract crossing from one side of the brain to the other (MM) [ BIRNLEX:1594 ]

Synonyms: pyramidal tract decussation decussation of corticospinal tract decussation of the pyramidal tract pyramidal decussation (pourfour du petit) decussation of pyramidal tract fibers decussatio pyramidum motor decussation decussation of pyramids of medulla decussation of pyramids corticospinal decussation decussatio pyramidum medullae oblongatae motor decussation of medulla

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latin term
decussatio pyramidum medullae oblongatae [ FMA:72633 FMA:TA ]

latin term
decussatio motoria [ NeuroNames:799 ]

latin term
decussatio pyramidum [ FMA:72633 FMA:TA ]

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decussatio motoria

pyramidal decussation