Component of the cingulate cortex. The rostral and caudal boundaries were the posterior division of the cingulate cortex and the parahippocampal gyrus respectively. The medial and lateral boundaries were the medial wall (area unknown) and the precuneus respectively (Christine Fennema-Notestine). [ BIRNLEX:1541 ]

Synonyms: cingulate gyrus isthmus isthmus of fornicate gyrus isthmus of limbic lobe

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Term information

latin term
isthmus of gyrus fornicatus [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus gyri cingulatus [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus cinguli [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus gyri cinguli [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus-2 [ NeuroNames:163 ]

has related synonym

isthmus gyri cinguli

isthmus cinguli

isthmus of gyrus fornicatus

isthmus of the cingulate gyrus

isthmus of cingulate cortex


isthmus gyri cingulatus