Component of the temporal lobe on the mesial surface. The rostral and caudal boundaries of the entorhinal cortex are the rostral end of the collateral sulcus and the caudal end of the amygdala respectively. The medial boundary is the medial aspect of the temporal lobe and the lateral boundary is the collateral sulcus. (DK). [ BIRNLEX:1508 ]

Synonyms: entorhinal area

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latin term
cortex entorhinalis [ NeuroNames:168 ]

latin term
area entorhinalis (28,34) [ NeuroNames:168 ]

latin term
area entorhinalis ventralis et dorsalis [ NeuroNames:168 ]

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TODO - check area vs complex. MBA:909 this is part of the hippocampal formation via retrohippocampal region

has related synonym

area entorhinalis ventralis et dorsalis

Brodmann's area 28

entorhinal cortex

area entorhinalis (28,34)

cortex entorhinalis



taxon notes

In primates it is found on the medial surface of the temporal lobe, partially bounded ventrolaterally by the collateral sulcus in the human and by the rhinal sulcus in the macaque. It is subdivided on the basis of internal structure into eight parts in the human ( Insausti-2004 ),and seven parts in the macaque ( Paxinos-2009a ). In the rat and mouse it is divided into a lateral part of the entorhinal area and a medial part of the entorhinal area; the latter is further divided into dorsal and ventral zones to produce three subdivisions in the rodent ( Swanson-2004 )