The corticospinal fibers that arise from the pyramidal cells within the cerebral cortex layer V of the precentral motor area, the premotor area and the postcentral gyrus, then descend into and through the medulla to form the lateral corticospinal tract and the anterior corticospinal tract. [ MP:0002878 ]

Synonyms: tractus cortico-spinalis tractus corticospinalis fasciculus cerebro-spinalis corticospinal fibers fasciculus pyramidalis pyramid (Willis) tractus pyramidalis fibrae corticospinales

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latin term
fibrae corticospinales [ NeuroNames:1320 ]

latin term
fasciculus cerebro-spinalis [ NeuroNames:1320 ]

latin term
fasciculus pyramidalis [ NeuroNames:800 ]

latin term
tractus corticospinalis [ NeuroNames:1320 ]

latin term
tractus pyramidalis [ NeuroNames:800 ]

latin term
tractus cortico-spinalis [ NeuroNames:1320 ]

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pyramidal tract