Unpaired midbrain region situated in the ventromedial portion of the reticular formation. The VTA is medial to the substantia nigra and ventral to the red nucleus, and extends caudally from the posterior hypothalamus in the diencephalon. The VTA contains dopamine neurons that project to various limbic and cortical areas and is a critical component of the brain's reward circuitry. [ ]

Synonyms: ventral tegmental nucleus (tsai) ventral tegmental area of tsai ventral tegmental nucleus of tsai a10a

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latin term
a10a [ FMA:TA FMA:72438 ]

VTA [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1415 ]

latin term
area tegmentalis ventralis [ NeuroNames:521 ]

latin term
area tegmentalis ventralis (Tsai) [ NeuroNames:521 ]

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external definition

Region of the mesencephalon that arises from a small area of the neural plate, spanning the midline immediately adjacent, and being slightly posterior to the dorsal tegmentum area[XAO:0004226, PMID:2351962].

has related synonym

ventral tegmental nucleus (Rioch)

area tegmentalis ventralis

ventromedial mesencephalic tegmentum

area tegmentalis ventralis (Tsai)

ventral brain stem

tegmentum ventrale

ventral tegmental area (Tsai)