Nucleus located beneath the floor of the 4th ventricle in the pontine tegmentum, containing motor neurons innervating the lateral rectus muscle of the eye (Brodal, Neurological Anatomy, 3rd ed., 1981, pg 533) [ BIRNLEX:1366 ]

Synonyms: nVI nucleus nervi abducentis sixth cranial nerve nucleus motor nucleus VI nucleus of abducens nerve (VI) abducens motor nucleus abducens VI nucleus abducens motor nuclei abducent nucleus abducens nerve nucleus nucleus of abducens nerve

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Term information


uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
nucleus abducens [ NeuroNames:585 ]

latin term
nucleus nervi abducentis [ FMA:54504 FMA:TA ]

plural term
abducens motor nuclei [ TAO:0000713 ]

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external definition

Hindbrain motor nucleus which is the origin of motor axons of cranial nerve VI. From Neuroanatomy of the Zebrafish Brain.[TAO]

external ontology notes

part of medulla oblongata in ABA and ZFA; part of pons in MA and pontine tegmentum in NIF; note that pons/medulla are spatially disjoint in ABA.

has related synonym

nucleus nervi abducentis

nucleus abducens

abducens nucleus proper