lateral part of medial mammillary nucleus

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Synonyms: medial mammillary nucleus, lateral part lateral mammillary nucleus (gagel) lateral subdivision of medial mammillary nucleus intercalated mammillary nucleus intermediate mammillary nucleus

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Term information

latin term
nucleus intercalatus corporis mammillaris [ NeuroNames:416 ]

latin term
nucleus corporis mamillaris medialis, pars lateralis [ NeuroNames:416 ]

latin term
nucleus intermedius corpus mamillaris [ NeuroNames:416 ]

MML [ BIRNLEX:1314 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

has related synonym

nucleus corporis mamillaris medialis, pars lateralis

nucleus intermedius corpus mamillaris

lateral part of the medial mammillary nucleus

medial mammillary nucleus lateral part

nucleus intercalatus corporis mammillaris