magnocellular part of medial dorsal nucleus

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Synonyms: pars magnocellularis nuclei mediodorsalis thalami nucleus medialis fibrosus (hassler) magnocellular mediodorsal nucleus dorsomedial thalamic nucleus, magnocellular part magnocellular nucleus of medial dorsal nucleus of thalamus nucleus medialis fibrosus magnocellular part of dorsomedial nucleus magnocellular part of mediodorsal nucleus nucleus medialis dorsalis, pars magnocellularis

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Term information

MDM [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1262 ]

latin term
pars magnocellularis nuclei mediodorsalis thalami [ FMA:62161 FMA:TA ]

has related synonym

magnocellular part of the medial dorsal nucleus