The sensory decussation or decussation of the lemniscus is a decussation or cross over of axons from the gracile nucleus and cuneate nucleus. The fibres of this decussation are called the internal arcuate fibres and are found at the superior aspect of the closed medulla superior to the motor decussation. It is part of the second neuron in the Posterior column-medial lemniscus pathway. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: decussation of lemniscus decussation of lemnisci sensory decussation medullary sensory decussation decussation of medial lemnisci medial lemniscus decussation

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latin term
decussatio lemniscorum [ NeuroNames:788 ]

latin term
decussatio sensoria [ NeuroNames:788 ]

latin term
decussatio lemniscorum medialium [ NeuroNames:788 ]

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decussatio lemniscorum medialium

decussatio lemnisci medialis

decussatio lemniscorum

decussatio sensoria

decussation of the medial lemniscus



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