Part of the reticular formation located in the midbrain tegmentum [ BIRNLEX:1235 ]

Synonyms: reticular formation of midbrain tegmental reticular formation

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Term information

latin term
substantia reticularis mesencephali [ NeuroNames:501 ]

MBRF [ BIRNLEX:1235 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
formatio reticularis tegmentalis [ NeuroNames:501 ]

latin term
formatio reticularis tegmenti mesencephali [ NeuroNames:501 ]

latin term
formatio reticularis mesencephali [ NeuroNames:501 ]

has related synonym

formatio reticularis mesencephali

substantia reticularis mesencephali

formatio reticularis tegmentalis

formatio reticularis tegmenti mesencephali