The median preoptic nucleus is located along the midline in a position significantly dorsal to the other 3 preoptic nuclei, at least in the macaca fascicularis brain. It wraps around the top (dorsal), front, and bottom (ventral) surfaces of the anterior commissure. The median preoptic nucleus generates thirst. Drinking decreases noradrenaline release in the median preoptic nucleus. [ ]

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MnPO [ BIRNLEX:1208 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
nucleus praeopticus medianus [ NeuroNames:378 ]

latin term
nucleus preopticus medianus [ NeuroNames:378 ]

has related synonym

nucleus preopticus medianus

periventricular nucleus, preventricular portion

nucleus praeopticus medianus

median preoptic nucleus (Loo)



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