Synonym for macrodissected adult human tegmentum (Vicq d'Azyr, 1784; Swanson, 2000); pp. 555-556. Later used thus by for example His (1893b, p. 178), Herrick (1915, p. 160), Strong & Elwyn (1943, p. 17), Carpenter (1976, p. 367), Williams & Warwick (1980, p. 935). [ BIRNLEX:1202 ]

Synonyms: peduncle of midbrain cerebral peduncle pedunculus cerebri

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latin term
pedunculus cerebralis [ NeuroNames:487 ]

CP [ BIRNLEX:1202 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
pedunculus cerebri [ FMA:TA FMA:62394 ]

latin term
pedunculi cerebri [ NeuroNames:487 ]


Neuronames includes the substantia nigra, crus cerebri and midbrain tegmentum as substructures of the cerebral peduncle; the mouse atlases only include the crus cerebri as the cerebral peduncle (MM)

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cerebral peduncle (archaic)

pedunculi cerebri

pedunculus cerebralis

pedunculus cerebri

cerebal peduncle