the small wedge shaped nucleus interposed between the dentate and fastigial nuclei; it receives axons from Purkinje cells of the intermediate area of the cerebral hemispheres and most of its efferent connections travel via the superior cerebellar peduncle [ MP:0009981 ]

Synonyms: anterior interpositus nucleus anterior interposed nucleus nucleus interpositus anterior embolus cerebellar emboliform nucleus lateral interpositus (emboliform) nucleus cerebellum emboliform nucleus

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latin term
nucleus interpositus anterior [ FMA:TA FMA:72538 ]

latin term
nucleus interpositus anterior cerebelli [ NeuroNames:688 ]

latin term
nucleus emboliformis cerebelli [ NeuroNames:688 ]

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nucleus emboliformis cerebelli

nucleus interpositus anterior cerebelli

nucleus emboliformis

lateral interpositus nucleus



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