Prepyriform area (or prepiriform cortex) is a portion of the rhinencephalon consisting of paleocortex. Some sources state that it is part of the primary olfactory cortex. [ ]

Synonyms: gyrus olfactorius lateralis lateral olfactory gyrus prepiriform cortex piriform cortex (price) (pre-)piriform cortex pyriform area piriform olfactory cortex prepyriform cortex

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Term information

latin term
regio praepiriformis [ NeuroNames:165 ]

latin term
area prepiriformis [ NeuroNames:165 ]

latin term
palaeocortex II [ NeuroNames:165 ]

latin term
eupalaeocortex [ NeuroNames:165 ]

latin term
gyrus olfactorius lateralis [ FMA:62484 FMA:TA ]

has related synonym

palaeocortex II


area prepiriformis

regio praepiriformis

prepiriform region