the supporting bundles of muscular fibers lining the walls of the ventricles of the heart [ MP:0004067 ]

Synonyms: ventricle trabecula carnea

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Term information



external ontology notes

Note that WP states they are ventricular, but MP has classes for atrial ventricular carnea.

function notes

The purpose of the trabeculae carneae is most likely to prevent suction that would occur with a flat surfaced membrane and thus impair the heart's ability to pump efficiently. The trabeculae carneae also serve a similar function to papillary muscles in that their contraction pulls on the chordae tendineae, preventing inversion of the mitral (bicuspid) and tricuspid valves, that is, their bulging towards the atrial chambers, which would lead to subsequent leakage of the blood into the atria. So by the action of papillary muscles on the atrioventricular valves, backflow of the blood from the ventricles into the atria is prevented

has related synonym

cardiac trabecula

columnae carneae

heart trabecula

trabeculae carneae cordis

ventricular trabecula

trabeculae carneae

trabecula of heart