one of the group of myocardial bundles which terminate in the chordae tendineae that attach to the cusps of the atrioventricular valves; each ventricle has an anterior and a posterior papillary muscle; the right ventricle sometimes has a septal papillary muscle [ MP:0004058 ]

Synonyms: papillary muscle ventricule papillary muscle papillary muscle of ventricle ventricular papillary muscle

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These muscles contract to tighten the chordae tendineae, which in turn prevent inversion. This occurs in response to pressure gradients. Instead they brace the valves against the high pressure, preventing regurgitation of ventricular blood back into the atrial cavities.[Wikipedia:Papillary_muscle]

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musculus papillaris

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On the internal or parietal surface of the left ventricle in man and in mammals are two papillary muscles, which are almost identical and well developed.[well established][VHOG]