bone tissue that has a lattice-like or spongy structure; it is highly vascular and contains intercommunicating spaces filled with bone marrow [ MP:0000130 ]

Synonyms: substantia trabecularis spongy bone tissue substantia spongiosa substantia spongiosa ossium cancellous bone tissue cancellous bone trabecular bone spongy bone

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latin term
substantia trabecularis [ FMA:TA FMA:24019 ]


one of the two types of osseous tissue that form bones. Compared to compact bone, which is the other type of osseous tissue, it has a higher surface area but is less dense, softer, weaker, and less stiff. It typically occurs at the ends of long bones, proximal to joints and within the interior of vertebrae. Cancellous bone is highly vascular and frequently contains red bone marrow where hematopoiesis, which is the production of blood cells, occurs. The primary anatomical and functional unit of cancellous bone is the trabecula.

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substantia trabecularis ossium

cancellated bone

trabecular substance